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Founder - ARMA

Jaan Tipene, 32, is a Microbiologist by trade and eco-conscious by nature. Frustrated with others selling ineffective non-contact tools and masses of covid waste (single-use sanitizer bottles and gloves) washing into the ocean, he decided to design an innovative solution to help protect both humans and nature that would make a lasting positive impact. 

The concept for ARMA struck while doing something we all do multiple times a day, except it was in a public restroom. Have you ever noticed how many poorly designed public toilets force you to touch the door lock and handle to get out AFTER just washing your hands? It was at this moment he knew there was a better way and that there would be others that loathed touching these surfaces too. Although the idea came prior to the pandemic, action on the design wasn't taken until March 2020 when our world as we knew it flipped upside down and almost everything in public became untouchable. ARMA was then born in New Zealand and proudly designed, prototyped, and tested here. No stone was left un-turned and "good enough" was not good enough - obsessed with ARMA being perfect it took 12 months from concept to launch. 

We seem to have hit a nerve among many consumers as more than 1500 pre-pledged their purchase even before the launch date. This initial success showed us how many people were looking for a convenient everyday carry solution and the potential to transform traditional single-use products into reusable ones. ARMA is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s eyes to this radical change of how we view products. As an eco-fighter/germaphobe that always leads by example, Jaan truly stands by his products and hopes to inspire others to adapt to living more sustainably and innovating high usability less wasteful alternatives.










Our mission - reduce single use items by creating reusable alternatives.

Our purpose - empower you with safe and easy to use solutions for your everyday tasks.

Our values - providing exceptional quality products and first-class customer service is our top priority.